Kingdom of Calontir
Calontir War Muster
Pennsic War 45

Pennsic War 45
Kingdom of Calontir

Pennsic War 45

To arms, to arms, the helmsman did say
They've chosen to meet us in battle today
They cannot withstand us, they'll soon run away
And the gods would favor the brave
So let fly the spear, there'll be slaughter here
Aye the Norse have come over the waves, waves, waves, waves
The Norse have come over the waves

Calontir, Their Highnesses Logan and Ylva will be leading the Falcon host to Pennsic.
If you are planning to go, no matter what activities you plan to participate in,
please sign the muster.

If you want to see who's mustered so far, the list is at:

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Please fill out the Muster!
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